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Baba Bhagavan Das & Sri Sharada Devi Event Schedule

Baba Bhagavan Das and Sharada Devi

June 2018

June 19-24, 2018
Mount Shasta, CA
Mother Light Kirtan Retreat with Bhagavan Das and Sharada Devi at Mystical Mount Shasta

The Essence of Bhakti. You will experience the sacred tantric practices of the bhakti mystics: How the deeper heart sings the song, how all of life is the holy path and how kirtan is the mother light upon that path. You will tap deep into the roots of your own beloved heart thus becoming adept at reaching the hearts of others through the sound of your own sacred voice of being. You will learn how to access the origin of seed sound and how to embody the spiraling mantra of deity as kirtan. We will perform tantric rituals and we will worship the dawn as the inspiration of new beginnings. We will burn the past in devotional flames and we will surrender to the dusk as the perfect completion of our love. Those interested will receive mantra initiation. All will receive countless blessings and direction in daily sadhana practice.

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Sleeping accommodations will be provided.
Tridoshic, organic, simple vegan meals will be provided.
Retreat cost is $840 including accommodations and food.
$108 deposit is due to hold space. Balance is due by 5/18/18.

Email to register or if you have any questions.


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