It is good to remember God every moment. And if you can't remember God, you should remember Death.
Death will bring you there.

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This retreat is a multidimensional immersion into a deeply integrative spiritual experience. You will be transformed. Chanting with Bhagavan Das and Sharada Devi is an experiential Spiritual adventure which will heal you at multiple levels - spiritual, energetic, and molecular.

I would highly recommend this workshop/retreat for the world's political and religious leaders (and anyone else). One is embeded with the resonance of pure Love as they emerge transformed from the beautiful underground temple."


Dear Sharada Devi,

Thank you....since the call I feel more rooted and also absorbed in the Awareness of Gods Living Prescence in my Life.I can see the Truth of what you and Baba offered, especially the comment about protecting my Purity now more than ever, I am feeling more freedom in my life now in ways I always knew were possible, it's so beautiful to be alone with God in my every breath, every moment, every step.

Thank you so much for your gentle guiding hand, through you and Baba I see Grace all around me, and the Love for the Buddha and especially the Divine Mother is experienced in ways now that words cannot define. You mentioned in one of our recent emails that White Tara is with me, that has been part of my "new" feeling of walking living and breathing in a new frequency, I chant her Mantra everyday and it feels like She's right here...the energy that flows from my heart and crown is so so beautiful when I concentrate on her, I don't know how many times I can thank you.

The gifts from being with you and Baba over the last month or so, beginning with your visit to my home, have become so incredibly helpful particularly as my whole daily life is literally about serving others, I have my massage practice which is very busy, most of the clients come for emotional energy bodywork, and I also work part time in my friends Physical Therapy office, most of our clients there are chronic pain clients, all I do with them is light energetic acupressure work and craniosacral therapy, and of course the Gong and Sound medications that we do monthly.

The Akshobya empowerment has opened a door for me about stepping it up regarding my compassion for people and their suffering.

I will definitely be attending the Chanting weekend in Woodstock. May be coming w two friends who are also devoted to your work....I would love to come to the Mother Light Temple for solitude, rest, and meditation.

Eternally Grateful.

Much Love,

If you want to step outside of yourself and be in a supporting and loving environment to develop that kirtan voice and play or sing in front of others without rejection or embarrassment. Then this course is the one to take. I also experienced an opening to the many forms of the Divine appearing in many aspects such as Ganesha, Kali, Hanuman, and Shiva. I felt this course helped make my practice stronger and helped to eliminate the fears we often have in appearing in front of a group.

Also: I do not think I ever shared with you my experience from the course in Taos and I wanted to. When I was 16 I learned TM and was sitting in my room meditating on my bed as I usually did. I had recently read the book Be Here Now and felt a connection to Bhagavan Das. I had a vision in the meditation in which I saw myself along with a bunch of people doing some kind of practice, singing and chanting in front of Bhagavan Das and his wife which turned out to be Kali. So ever since that event I have been living the dream it is all in the service of Mother and I am so happy I experienced it with the both of you as you are no longer a dream but a manifestation of the true reality I now know. I love you both and will always hold you dearly in my heart.

Love & Light,

You two are so important to me. You've supported my personal practice and my teaching in many ways; some subtle and some not so subtle. Only Kevin-and technically you- have known me long enough to see the profound changes in my life over the past 6 years. Words are only words and can't express my gratitude for everything you've done for me.

It also makes me very happy to hear Lee Ellen (Elle) Simpson is in good hands learning with you as well. It's rare, but very humbling, when a student takes the initiative and continues to deepen their practice.

Training experience:
"Spend 5 days with Nada Yoga Masters. Transcend physical and mental blocks you didn't know where there, and learn from those who truly live Yoga. Whether you want to perform Kirtan in front of others or not, if you Love chanting, this Training will elevate the practice."

I'd definitely come again in October!

Jai Ma! Love to both of you!

Jai Ma sweet Baba and Sharada Devi.

The 5 days with you both was powerful and transformational, beyond what I can fully express at this time. You gave each student such unique gifts of insights on what each of us needed to hear, to feel and to experience.

The fire has been re-lit in me. I am recommitting to cleaning up and clearing out the clutter and mundane from my life, to become empty only to filled with the light of love, so that my life is a blessing to others.

I love you both very much.
I am grateful for your authenticity.
I am grateful for your love.
I am grateful for your fearlessness.
I am grateful to have you in my life as my teachers.

Thank you I love you.

Om Namah Shivaya!

The week was amazing as I mentioned yesterday. I would highly recommend the retreat to anyone that wants to really get into the depths of a sincere mantra, meditation and kirtan experience. Absolutely transformative like nothing else we've ever been to. You are both wise, insightful and powerful.

I do not want to take up too much of your time, but wanted to let you both know that I think our whole group had really amazing experiences in each others own way. I had an experience personally that I was going to leave my body.....something I have not experienced before. I had the sense that if I didn't pull out there would have been just a body in your basement with no one home. I had to put my hands on the floor and hold on to the earth, open my eyes and ground myself. I felt a little shaky after that, but felt better and back to normal pretty quickly.

I humbly bow to both of you as my spiritual guides, teachers and Gurus.....I cannot think of anyone else I would want to really call my Guru......other than the Divine herself of course.

Abby and I both wish you both many, many blessings, lots of good health and happy days ahead!!

I have spent this last week reflecting on our time together - how much joy we all shared and how much all of us have grown in such a peaceful, blissful and transformative space. I cannot thank you enough for inviting us into your home and basement temple and how grateful we all are for you both.

The best way I can describe my experience is this: Before the workshop, I felt as if I was an old book, left forgotten on a shelf. But, by God's grace, your kind hearts found me and blew off the dust that encased me, so that I could remember who I truly am and how great of a being I really am (and how great we all are). My heart feels so open and I know because of this time together that there is no going back.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do for either of you - whether a little or a lot, I am always willing and happy to serve others.

If you are seeking truth in ones self thru sound and voice and your own heart, then let Sharada~ Devi and Bhagavan ~Das take you to new levels of chanting and go deeper into Kirtan and find your own powerful voice. This is unlike other sound retreats in that it is an immersion. You will come away feeling a deeper appreciation of all things beautiful in your life, in this world, and inside yourself. Let your heart find its true voice and sing once more. Om shantih Om.

~ Margavati Josephs
Jivamukti teacher '09 & apprentice to Dechen Karl Thurman
Woodstock, NY & Martha's Vineyard.

I felt connection with you when you and Baba were in Baltimore at Sid yoga ... and more a deep deep unexpressed longing and when you offered the aarti light, I wanted to be that very light and was so forlorn that I didn’t have the courage to make a connection with you then or didn’t have the funds to travel to where you and Baba were going to be in PA the next night and so when kirtan retreat was announced I had to be there -- every cell in my body pushed me to get there ... it didn’t matter, I was going to make it happen that I’d go.

Sharada Devi and Bhagavan Das, the grandfather of Kirtan, in deep holy partnership, are an alchemic stand for what is really at hand, you and your relationship to voicing your love to the many faces of God. You don’t have to be a yogi or a musican or a mystic—just a willingness to surrender to your own truth and sing to all that is. It is in their open pure heart that they invite you to sing and join the ever flowing river of the endless blessings and grace when you sing."


Dear Bhagavandas and Sharada Devi ...
You are both a blessing to the universe. The experience in your basement temple was transformational. I'm still floating. I feel more alive and grateful than ever. I remember a few wise words I was given as a teacher ..."if you can touch one students life , just one then you have done your job"... Well you both have Definitely touched mine! I love you and thank you!!


Dear Sharada Devi
Deep thank you to you and Baba for your Grace, your Love, and for your genuine regard.

Thank you for pointing the way, the benefits of today at the temple and also from our time at the Mother Light Temple are immeasurable. I feel so humbled and blessed to be living this Life of Service. I love you each and have so Much respect.

In Faith and Gratitude
I want to tell you I truly feel energetically changed, stronger than ShaktiPat honestly. I feel I've come all the way back home to my true Self, my true heart. The first night we sang the Jesus song I drove home weeping and weeping, seeing images of Myself as a little altar boy at mass singing "be not afraid, I go before you always, come follow me, and I shall give you rest"...I recalled believing so deeply in Gods love then...years later my stepfather would beat me weekly and literally scream "you ain't worth a bottle of horse piss"...I fell asleep that night crying and recalling the abuse....the following morning as soon as I touched my mala I burst into tears as wave after wave of palpable pulsing Golden White Love flowed in and out of my heart, i could see how I spent 25 years going out into the world proving to myself what my stepfather taught me...and the more I cried tears of Love I could and can feel I am home in my heart in ways I only dreamed's the greatest gift I have ever felt in my life.

Forever grateful for the 5 days in the Basement!

Big Love

This was definitely the most transformative 5 days I have ever had. I have been down too many paths, None really clicked.. Bhakti is my path and I learned so much from you guys. Prayer, puja, and real devotion. I was at a pretty shaky point and you guys really supported me to move deeper into Bhakti. I have never sung in front of people or even with as much love as I did those days.. I thank you especially for pushing me to do that. :) A lot has changed for me since I got back. My rock of an ego is slowly melting away, and the presence of the Greater feels stronger and stronger.

I first saw you guys in Atlanta at Kashi this past year, and Sharada, your devotion while singing really really moved me. After I saw the flyer of the Woodstock retreat, I knew I would do whatever it takes to find a way from Atlanta up there.

My entire life is centered around Bhakti and surrendering to the practice and experience as much as I can.. am eternally grateful for what you guys helped us unlock.



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Bhagavan Das NowREVIEWS for Bhagavan Das Now CD

"Beastie Boy Mike D's yoga guru makes some funky chants. Others have mixed chillout and Indian Music but Now goes deeper than most . . . . It's a serene spiritual album that also manages to belong to this time and space." - ROLLING STONE

"The Devotion rings through his performance" - MIKE D (BEASTIE BOYS)

"The depth and spiritual resonance of Bhagavan Das' vocals is very moving, and when combined with Mike D.'s mix chops, the result is truly mesmerixing music . . . a startling, ultimately wonderous East-meets-West vibe unique to this project. Now is a world music album with all sorts of crossover potential." - BILLBOARD

"This is a clever album - a unique contribution to the annals of devotional music and beat-driven rock, and a well constructed piece of entertainment or the devotee and rock 'n roll fan alike" - ASCENT MAGAZINE

"Easily the most sophisticated fusion of chant and electronics to come down the mountain in many a moon" - BARNESANDNOBLE.COM


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